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Sol 2000 Verona
Gran Menzione 
Olio Fruttato Medio

Sol 2002 Verona
Gran Menzione 
Olio Fruttato Medio

Sol 2003 Verona
Gran Menzione 
Olio Fruttato Medio

Orciolo d'Oro 2000

Olio Fruttato Intenso
Gradara - Pesaro

Orciolo d'Oro 2001

2° Classificato
Olio Fruttato Medio
Gradara - Pesaro

Orciolo d'Oro 2002

3° Classificato
Olio Fruttato Medio
Gradara - Pesaro

Orciolo d'Oro 2003

Olio Fruttato Medio
Gradara - Pesaro

7° Concorso Nazionale
"Montiferru" 2000

Seneghe (OR)

7° Concorso Nazionale
"Montiferru" 2001

Seneghe (OR)

7° Concorso Nazionale
"Montiferru" 2002

Seneghe (OR)

7° Concorso Nazionale
"Montiferru" 2003

Seneghe (OR)

Cibus Med 2003
Gran Menzione
Olio Fruttato Medio




(dal 2001 al 2004)
Guida ai migliori oli italiani
di qualità accertata
Umao - Edilibritalia

Guida agli extravergini

(dal 2001 al 2003 )
Slow Food Editore

Il mio vino

aprile e maggio 2002


(rivista austriaca)
luglio-agosto 2002

Il sommelier italiano

luglio-agosto 2003

Terre del vino

ottobre 2003

Gambero rosso

settembre 2003

Le vie del gusto

agosto 2003

Olivo e olio

gennaio 2004
La copertina di "Cucina e Vini" n. 25 Luglio/Agosto 2001
Cucina & Vini

luglio-agosto 2001

FROM "Guida agli extravergini" - Slow Food Editore

Team 4x4 - Olio Tereo A.D. 2000
The name sounds more like that of an automobile group rather than that of an agricultural firm. However, notwithstanding the fact that "Team 4x4" is a fairly new company, it is already an important presence in the high quality olive oil market. It all began a couple of years ago when a group of young and determined entrepreneurs from the Anapo Valley set out to put their energies and means into producing olive oil. The project was carried out with the purchase of 15 hectares of land in the vicinity of Buccheri and with the introduction of an outstanding extra-virgin olive oil into the oil market, which competes with the high ranking brands of Sicily.
The "Tereo", a blend of the Tonda Iblea and Biancolilla harvests, is the result of a simple but rigorous production philosophy: the maximum in the olive grove and the best in the oil mill. The olives are hand-picked in October and November when the dark colouring of the fruit is superficial and a continuous cycle technology of a private oil mill is chosen for the pressing of the olives. The result is an oil that expresses the territory from which it derives and its individuality.
A beautiful and luminous yellow-green color; a complex, bright and persistent aroma, with the clear traces of fresh olives, strong fruity scents of unripe tomatoes and freshly cut grass. The flavour is intense and seductive: to be noted are the rich and full body, the excellent correspondence between taste and aroma, the obvious well balanced expression of bitter and spicy tones, the latter not too excessive.

TEAM 4x4 S.r.l.
C.da Piana s.n. - 96010 Buccheri (SR) -  icilia/Italia - Tel. 0931 873056  333 2874765
Fax +39 0931 880049 - e-mail:  


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