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Team 4x4 is one of the most interesting young and upcoming firms in eastern Sicily, with a great experience handed down from father to son.

It is located in Buccheri in the hinterland of Siracusa and has its own oil mill with an annual output of approximately 10.000/12.000 litres of extra virgin olive oil.



TEREO A.D. 2000

Olio extravergine di oliva
Bottiglia da 50 cl.
Bottiglia da 75 cl.



Olio extravergine di oliva
Bottiglia da 50 cl.
Bottiglia da 75 cl.
Lattina da 3 litri
Lattina da 5 litri

TEAM 4x4 S.r.l.
Contrada Piana sn - 96010 Buccheri (SR) - Sicily/Italy -
Tel. 0931 873056
cell. 333 2874765
Fax +39 0931 318139


The hand picked olives are carefully selected and milled the same day at very low temperatures, using the continuous cycle extraction system.

The oil is then left to settle naturally, thus any residues that may be found in the bottle are indication of its purity. TEREO A.D. 2000 extra virgin olive oil takes its name from the hill that Towers over Buccheri, the mediaeval village where it is produced.

The aroma of this oil is complex and persistent, characterized by strong fruity scents of unripe tomato and vegetal tones of balsamic herbs.

Its flavour is intense, harmonious and fruity, with balanced bitter - peppers tones.

Tereo A.D. 2000 is ideal on shellfish antipasti, fish carpaccio, legume soups, fish baked in foil and roasted red meat.

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