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Buccheri (Panorama)

Buccheri (820 mt sea level), a town of ancient origins, probably owes its name to a Saracen commander, and rises on a territory that maintains traces of its past. Its establishment goes back to the Middle Ages, with the construction of the Castle on the remains of an ancient fortress and the development of a village at its feet.

Buccheri was destroyed by the 1693 earthquake, and was rebuilt in the underlying valley, preserving the medieval remains near the Castle. Today the town offers artistic wonders such as the "Chiesa Madre" (the Mother Church) dedicated to St. Ambrose of Milan, the Square of the Stream with the "Fountain of the Four Canals" built in 1585, the beautiful Church of Mary Magdalena, the Church of St. Anthony, the Cosentino Palace and the Castle, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view.

The locality is rich of natural surroundings, such as the "Cava della Stretta" (a Quarry), "Bosco di S. Maria" (the woods of St. Mary) and Mt. Tereo on which rises the ruins of the Castle. The latter mountains give the name to our oil.

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